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Getting started for a newbee

Sep 9, 2010 at 8:03 PM

I have been working with VFP 9 for just over 2 years.  The company I am working at is sloooooowly moving to C#.  I have done a few small projects but have only used ADO to connect to one table at a time.  I am very interested in using LINQ with Fox.  My company is considering migrating  SQL Server and if we had some LINQ code in place this could be an easier move.  However I have a few problems:  First of all, I am a newbee to C# and even more so to LINQ.  I can successfully create windows form application connecting to SQL using LINQ on my personal network.  The tutorials I have found on the net were all I needed to get started and I have been able to use them as a base to create new applications on my home network.  At my company all we do is application coding (no web development at all).  The examples are all web based and I can not figure out how to make the translation to a desktop application.  The second problem is all of my companies data is stored in free tables scattered all over the file system. For example Orders are in the C:\Applications\Orders\Data and Customer date is in C:\Customer\Data and Inventory is in D:\Purchasing\Inventory\Data.  All of these tables come together to generate customer orders.  

If there is any chance of an example using a desktop application and just a small amount of documentation on how to make the database connection this would be a big help for us new C# users. 

And any suggestions on how to deal with all the free tables would also be greatly appreciated